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TouchBistro is revolutionizing restaurant operations with a dependable point-of-sale system that does not only process payment, in general, but also performs several related functions, as well. Designed to increase productivity in every restaurant, TouchBistrowill help these establishments save time and money while making sure that every customer is served efficiently.

Handy and easy to use, TouchBistro can be used by restaurant staff to take orders from customers. From their mobile electronic device, customers can choose and customize their orders with one swipe of a finger. Aside from actual photos of menu selections, each dish goes with allergy information that the staff can use to help customers decide. Menu items can also be color coded so that the staff can immediately make recommendations based on the customer’s preferences. Ecommerce Platforms

What’s good is that there will be no need for the staff to run from the customers’ table to the cashier in order to get the bill and process the payment. All these can be done in front of the customer via the mobile device.

And it just gets better. Splitting the bill between friends? One bill for different customers? Handling complex billing procedures is now a straightforward process for restaurant staff with TouchBistro. The system will also automatically adjust prices as soon as a restaurant promo or deal is up, so the staff can concentrate more on serving the customers.

No more long line of customers waiting to be seated as the restaurant’s floor plan can be reflected in the system and staff can be assigned in different sections for them to easily see where the vacant tables are.

More than just a POS terminal, TouchBistro does not only speed up customer service, it also helps the management or the owner to handle different facets of operation such inventory management, theft prevention, human resource management, and staff management. All these functions can be done through the system. Learn more about POS

Perhaps, the most compelling feature of the system is that it provides for a paperless documentation of the restaurant’s operation. Within a few clicks on the system, restaurant owners can monitor sales, best-selling item in the menu, number of customers in a given time, and other factors that they can use to enhance the operations and overall customer experience.

With its holistic features guaranteed to create a seamless operation, TouchBistro is sure to benefit restaurant management and customers alike.


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