These Mobile Point-Of-Sale Systems Are Addressing Niche Needs

When everything is automated and can be done through a mobile device, a business has no other option but keep up with this fast-paced world. A store that enables a person to transact business using his handy mobile phone becomes more accessible for customers and has the chance to attract more customers because of the convenience it offers, which will definitely translate into sales.

How does a business owner ride with the trend? He needs to acquire a Point-of-Sale (POS) system suited to the type of business he operates and type of customers he caters to. There are a lot of POS systems in the market and a careful analysis of each one is what a business owner has to do in order to find that one POS system that matches his needs. Ecommerce business

However, there are also some POS systems which are designed specifically for a certain business industry. Some POS systems were designed for restaurants, with menu, pricing, and floor plan integrated within the system, aside from the usual billing and sales transaction functions of the POS system. There are also some which are specifically designed for pharmacies, food trucks, and others.

Let’s take a look at some of these POS system which can be downloaded as an app and installed in the business owner’s smartphone or tablet;

  • Square Point-of-Sale serves big and small businesses and takes care of digital receipts, inventory, sales reports and others. Aside from that, business owners can rely on this app to provide them with a valuable analysis based on the transactions made on the app. Square Point-of-Sale is regularly updated to provide more features for a smooth business operation and is available for free download at the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Shopkeep is another app which can be installed in an iPad. It can accept and process different types of payment and can provide business owners with data and real time reports. Aside from sales transaction, it can also keep track of the store’s inventory.
  • Buy & Sell products POS
  • LevelUp, on the other hand, enables one to easily transact with the store through mobile payments. Moreover, it also provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature that the business owner can tap into if he wants to build loyalty among his regular customers or reward them for their continuous patronage of the business.

The list can go and on, as there are many POS systems which can be used with a mobile phone or a tablet. These different systems offer a variety of features meant to ease the business operation. No matter what application an owner decided to use, it is most important that what he chose should contribute to the success of his business.

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